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With over 2500 FMC tariffs accessible via our online portal, DPI has one of the largest tariff databases.   2500+ FMC Tariffs Available to View Easy Keyword Searching Complete Filing History

FMC License & Registration for NVOCCs

DPI has helped thousands of companies obtain and maintain U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) licenses and registrations.  4000+ FMC Applications Approved 45+ Years of Experience FMC-Certified Practitioner

FMC Tariff Publication

DPI publishes FMC tariffs for over 2400 clients. Learn about our expert services and why we are one of the leading providers of FMC tariff compliance. 2500+ FMC Tariffs Published Same-Day Publication Request Processing Expert FMC Tariff Guidance

FMC Compliance for VOCCs

DPI has helped companies around the globe offering services as Vessel-Operating Common Carriers comply with FMC regulations. 20+ FMC VOCC Registrations Approved 45 Years of Experience Expert Rules Tariff Drafting

Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Services for NVOCCs

Learn about our expert NRA services and how we can help your organization effectively utilize Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs).  NRA Tools for Worldwide Management NRA eCourse with Implementation Materials NRA Auditing for FMC Compliance

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Considering using NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSA)?  Learn about our expert NSA services for NVOCCs. NSA Compliance Reviews FMC-Compliant NSA Templates Cloud-Based NSA Record-Keeping Tools

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Stay on top of U.S. Federal Maritime Commission compliance with training and eCourses from the experts at DPI. Interactive eCourses on FMC Compliance Easy-to-follow Regulatory Blog Posts Monthly FMC Update – Signals™

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Whether you need help responding to an FMC audit or are seeking insights into your organization’s FMC compliance, let the experts at DPI help. Detailed Compliance Report Practical Guidance for Improvements Custom Tools for Maintaining Compliance

FMC Regulatory Consulting

The experts at DPI offer FMC regulatory consulting for customized compliance guidance.  Certified FMC Practitioner Guidance  Bespoke Compliance Advising Practical Recommendations

Automated Rating, Quoting, & Pricing Tools

Looking to streamline your quoting and invoicing? Get the latest in quoting and pricing management automation from DPI.  Dedicated Pricing Portal for Sales Teams Instant-Quoting Tools for Customer Conversion Automated Bill of Lading Surcharge Calculation