Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Services for NVOCCs

Learn about our expert NRA services and how we can help your organization effectively utilize Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs). 

  • NRA Tools for Worldwide Management
  • NRA eCourse with Implementation Materials
  • NRA Auditing for FMC Compliance

1000+ NRAs Issued Annually

DPI's Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Management System

DPI’s NRA Management System is a menu-driven online platform for creating, offering, and maintaining NRAs. The platform offers a powerful database to manage all aspects of NRA compliance.

No more searching through emails for NRA acceptance or inconsistent rate quoting. With the NRA Management System, your organization will have access to a customized NRA template linked to your FMC tariff rules, secure and centralized NRA storage, NRA status management with helpful email reminders, NRA data export tools, and much more. You can also create separate User IDs for your various branch offices and local agents to manage NRA compliance no matter where your staff are located.

DPI Members can implement the NRA Management System quickly and without the need for any new software or hardware.

The NRA Management System is available to DPI Members for an annual fee of US$ 396 (US$ 33/month) – this provides unlimited use for one User ID, with no transaction fees. Additional User IDs are available for US$ 50 per quarter (US$ 12.50/month).

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Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Training - eCourse

Take DPI’s Negotiated Rate Arrangement Compliance course and earn a certificate in NRA Compliance from DPI.

This self-paced online course provides a detailed review of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission’s Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) regulations. The course comes with an NRA Implementation Guide, Self-Audit Checklist, and other useful NRA Resources to help you get started using NRAs at your organization.

Learn more about the course and certification here or click on the button below to request course enrollment.

Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) Audits

DPI has helped hundreds of NVOCCs review their FMC compliance programs and streamline compliance protocols.

These audits are particularly helpful for organizations working with numerous branch offices, affiliates, or sales agents. After a systematic review of your NRA files, our staff will provide detailed compliance analysis and advise concrete steps for improving compliance. We will also provide you tools to maintain compliance going forward.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The answers below are intended for informational purposes only. To view the FMC’s regulations as issued in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, please click here.

NRA Services for NVOCCs

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