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DPI Services Price List

See below for a list of our prices and services.

Registration and AmendmentsPer Filing
Initial FMC Registration Fee – New VOCC or NVOCC Outside the USA, includes all FMC Forms$ 150.00
Form FMC-65 – Renewal – NVOCCs Outside the USA$ 50.00
Form FMC-1, FMC-65, or FMC-83 Amendments$ 15.00
FMC Tariff ServicesPer Item Filed Per Day
Tariff Records, Location Groups$ 15.00
Tariff Rules, per rule$ 17.00
Commodity Items, including up to 10 Tariff Rate Items (TRI) per item
•  Commodity Items and Rates requested via email or fax
•  Commodity Items and Rates requested via www.dpiusa.com
Excess TRIs (over 10 per commodity item filed)
Additional Document Review
$ 14.00
$ 12.00
$ 2.00
$ 30.00
Publication Confirmation Reports, per report via e-mail$ 0.50
NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs), per new NSA$ 28.00
NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs), per amended NSA$ 18.00
Service Contracts (SC), per new SC:
Service Contracts (SC), per amended SC:
•  Includes FMC filing and record keeping
$ 30.00
$ 20.00
FMC Regulation, License, & Tariff Consultation ServicesPer Hour / Application
FMC License Application Handling Fee$ 75.00 per hour
FMC Practitioner Regulatory Consultation Service Fee$ 150.00 per hour
FMC License Application Fees:
•  FMC License Application Fee – New
•  FMC License Application Fee – Amended
$ 1304.00 per application
$ 943.00 per application
Tariff Database Maintenance FeePer Year / Per Organization
Tariff Database Maintenance Fee, see below for details$ 432.00
Initial Tariff Publication FeePer Tariff
Initial Tariff Publication Fee$ 300.00
Additional User ID FeePer User / Per Quarter
Additional User ID Fee (enquire for group pricing)$ 50.00

Additional Information

Important information is listed below for each service. If you have more questions please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


According to FMC regulations, all FMC-regulated Ocean Common Carriers, NVOCCs, and Marine Terminal Operators are required to maintain a complete and accurate record of each tariff published for five years. DPI maintains each customer’s tariff in an online database in compliance with FMC regulations. To recover costs associated with this requirement we assess an annual fee of $432 per customer. DPI does not assess a minimum monthly fee; if a tariff is not updated, no charges are incurred beyond the annual database maintenance fee.


As an optional service, DPI offers an NRA Management System (NRAMS) to assist its NVOCC customers with FMC requirements for Negotiated Rate Agreements (NRAs). This system maintains NRA history in a secure database and includes built-in quality controls to ensure NRA data is created and maintained in compliance with FMC regulations. The annual fee for NRAMS is $396.


As an optional service, DPI can provide assessorials and table programming to support “bottom-line rate” calculation.


Each tariff publishing customer is provided with their own tariffs in Adobe PDF format at no added charge. The Adobe PDF tariffs created by DPI provide complete tariff information in a single file using traditional tariff page format and bookmarks that make them easy to navigate. Please see PDFs or My Downloads on our web site for details.


DPI offers its expertise to clients seeking to understand FMC regulations applicable to service contracts, agreements, Special Permission, Docket Applications, and FMC Applications. Contact us for more information.


All customers receive a complimentary subscription to SIGNALS™, DPI’s monthly update, which provides detailed and timely information on new FMC regulations and enforcement activities.


All tariffs published by DPI are available for public viewing in compliance with FMC regulations at https://www.dpiusa.com. Tariff publishing customers are provided with a User ID and password to access their own tariff information at no added charge. Additional User IDs for tariff publishing customers are available for a fee of $50 per quarter.


DPI Members have access to our informative blog posts and video tutorials on U.S. Federal Maritime Commission compliance. Check out the DPI Knowledge Center.

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