How can I view my FMC tariff published by DPI?

If you are a DPI Member, click here to login and access your account. Simply select My Tariffs from the Member Menu. We also offer a quick video tutorial on FMC Tariff navigation, here. 

What FMC tariffs does DPI publish?

DPI publishes FMC tariffs for Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (VOCCs), Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs), and Maritime Terminal Operators (MTOs). For a list of FMC tariffs published by DPI, click here.

How can I search DPI’s FMC tariffs?

All tariff rules published by DPI are available for viewing free of charge. Search current or past tariff rules using our database’s powerful search tools. DPI Members If DPI publishes your FMC tariff, simply click here to access your account. DPI Members have access to all tariff rules. Select All Tariffs from the Member Menu. To view your own […]

Can anyone view FMC tariffs published by DPI?

All tariffs published by DPI are available for public viewing in compliance with FMC regulations. For more information about DPI’s FMC Tariff Viewing services, click here.