Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs) are not filed in an FMC tariff, instead NVOCCs must issue NRAs directly to their shippers and record their shippers’ acceptance. FMC regulations require that each NRA contains specific shipment, rate, and surcharge information. There are also detailed formatting and timing requirements for NRAs and NRA acceptance.

DPI’s expert staff offer assistance for all aspects of NRAs. We also offer an online NRA Management System with pre-programmed NRA Templates and FMC compliance protocols built in. The NRA Management System allows you to offer NRAs to your shippers via email and record their acceptances or booking. Watch our quick video demo here.

DPI Members can learn more about NRAs on our Knowledge Center. DPI now offers an NRA Certificate Course for compliance professionals seeking to learn the ins and outs of NRAs. Enroll today!