Once you have obtained an NVOCC license or registration, you must:

  1. keep your NVOCC bond in effect;
  2. keep your FMC tariff rules up to date and reflective of all terms and surcharges applied to their ocean freight rates;
  3. comply with FMC’s regulations by documenting your ocean freight selling rates in tariff rate filings, Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs), or NVOCC Service Arrangement (NSAs);
  4. report any changes to your license or registration information to the FMC within 30 days, such as address, telephone number, licensed NVOCCs must also report changes to their organization’s structure, Qualifying Individual (QI), related entities, shareholders / directors / officers, and branch offices;
  5. renew your license or registration every three years upon receipt of FMC’s renewal email; and 
  6. submit a new or amended registration or license application before using a new legal name or trade name.

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