Organizations based in the US that work with DPI typically spend $2702 to satisfy FMC requirements to obtain an FMC NVOCC license. See below for cost breakdown.:

 FMC-Licensed NVOCC: Estimate $3756

 Cost Breakdown:

  • U.S. Federal Maritime Commission – New License Application Filing Fee: US$ 1304
  • DPI Application Handling: US$ 720 estimate (12 hours / US$ 60 per hour for application preparation)
  • Bond Agent Fee: US$ 1000 estimate (annual fee)
  • DPI Initial Tariff Publication: US$ 300 (one-time fee)
  • DPI Database Fee: US $432 ($36/month) (annual fee)

After obtaining FMC registration, NVOCCs must continue to maintain an NVOCC bond and tariff. Annual fees for bonds are determined by the bond underwriter. DPI charges filing fees for new/revised tariff filing and annual database maintenance. For our full price list, click here.

Click here for more information about DPI’s services for NVOCCs. DPI Members may read more about NVOCCs, FMC Licensing, and FMC Registration over on the DPI Knowledge Center.