U.S. Shipping Act

Review the U.S. Shipping Act to learn about your obligations as an ocean common carrier or ocean freight forwarder.

Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC)

“When am I acting as an NVOCC?” Get the answer to DPI’s No. 1 client question. Learn the basics of what it means to be an NVOCC in the U.S. ocean trade lanes.

FMC Registration for NVOCCs Outside the US

Are you an overseas logistics provider based outside the US seeking to offer ocean freight services in the U.S. ocean trade lanes?

Learn about FMC Registration and the regulations that will apply to your operations.

Types of FMC Licenses

In the U.S. ocean trades NVOCCs and Ocean Freight Forwarders (OFFs) based in the U.S. must obtain a license from the FMC. In order to obtain these licenses, entities must have a Qualifying Individual (QI). What is a Qualifying Individual (QI)?

NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs)

What is an NVOCC Service Arrangement (NSA)? Learn about FMC’s NSA regulations and how this compliance tool can work for your organization.