Do you provide FMC-1 services?

Yes. DPI Will prepare and file your FMC-1 form with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. We file this form for all DPI Members upon commencement of our tariff publication services. There is no extra charge for this service for your initial tariff rules. We will ensure your FMC-1 is accepted by FMC.

Will you be my agent for service of process?

Yes. DPI will act as your agent for service of process if you are a DPI Member registered with the FMC as an NVOCC outside of the USA. There is no extra charge for this service.

What do you do as agent for service of process?

Good question. We will list our name and office address in FMC records and in your tariff rules as your agent for service of process. This gives FMC and courts in the USA an address in the USA where they can deliver official legal documents for your company. This is required by FMC regulations for […]

Do you provide NVOCC bonds?

If you require assistance in obtaining a bond, DPI is happy to recommend insurance agents and sureties qualified to handle FMC’s NVOCC bonding requirements. We will carefully review your bonds and advise if any correction will be required to satisfy FMC.

How do I know if I need an NVOCC license or registration?

Logistics companies offering ocean freight services under their own names to and/or from the US and a foreign country must apply for a license or register with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). Whether you must apply for a license or registration depends on the location of your company’s […]

When do I have to update my NVOCC license or registration?

Whether you are an FMC-licensed or registered NVOCC you must keep the FMC informed of changes to your organization. Changes such as address, telephone numbers, and contact person’s name and email, must be reported to the FMC within 30 days. Changes to business or trade names require new or amended FMC license or registration. FMC-licensed […]

Do I have to renew my FMC License or Registration?

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission requires that NVOCCs renew their licensing and registration every three years.  You will be contacted by the FMC to provide renewal information and provided with an online portal logon. You will have to reconfirm all basic business information. FMC-licensed NVOCCs must also report any changes to their organization, such as […]