What is a Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA)?

A Negotiated Rate Arrangement or NRA is a:  – written and binding agreement  – between an NVOCC and their shipper customer  for ocean freight transportation.  Since 2011, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) may use NRAs to comply with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission’s tariff regulations.  NVOCCs that use NRAs are exempt from filing NRA rates […]

Do I have to use NRAs?

No, NVOCCs do not have to use NRAs. NVOCCs may document their selling rates in Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs), NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs), or tariff rates.  DPI’s expert staff are happy to discuss each compliance method with DPI Members and recommend the more cost-effective and efficient method for your organization. For more information about DPI’s NRA services, […]

How is an NRA different from a rate quote?

FMC regulations require specific formatting and timing for NRAs. Most organizations’ rate quotes do not meet these formatting and timing requirements and require some modification.  DPI recommends that organizations use a Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) template and put in place record-keeping protocols to comply with FMC regulations. The NRA may be offered in lieu of […]

How is an NRA different from tariff rates and NSAs?

NRAs are generally considered best for short-term or single shipment rates because surcharges are locked-in upon receipt of the first shipment.  Unlike NSAs or tariff rates, surcharges contained in NRAs do not float with your tariff rules. This means that surcharges in effect in your tariff rules at the time the first shipment is received […]

Do shippers have to accept NRAs?

Yes, NRAs must be agreed to by shipper customers either by  signing,  emailing, or  booking a shipment after receipt of the NRA, so long as the NRA contains the FMC’s required booking notice. For more information about DPI’s NRA services, click here. DPI Members may learn more about NRAs on the DPI Knowledge Center.

How can DPI help with NRAs?

Since 1975, DPI has helped thousands of NVOCCs comply with U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) regulations.  Our expert staff is ready to assist NVOCCs seeking to utilize Negotiated Rate Arrangements (NRAs). We offer members the following NRA-specific services:  – NRA Training, – FMC Compliance Auditing for NRAs, and – DPI’s proprietary online NRA Management System.  […]

How do I learn more about NRA regulations?

If you are interested in learning the ins-and-outs of NRA compliance, we recommend that you consider taking our Negotiated Rate Arrangement (NRA) certificate course.  Learn more about the course and certification here or request enrollment today!