What is an NVOCC?

In the U.S. ocean trade lanes, a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC):  holds itself out to the public as a company that  provides transportation for cargo between the US and a foreign country by water   for compensation   without operating the vessel by which the transportation is provided.   An NVOCC is a shipper in relationship with the […]

My business is based outside of the US. Do I need an NVOCC license?

No. Companies outside of the US that offer ocean freight services to or from the US under their own name must register with the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC). The FMC NVOCC License is only available to NVOCCs with offices and staff in the US.  DPI has helped thousands of companies successfully apply for FMC […]

How do I obtain an NVOCC bond?

Most NVOCCs obtain an NVOCC bond through a surety company approved by the U.S. Treasury. DPI works with a number of surety companies in the US and abroad. We are happy to recommend one for your organization.  To learn about our NVOCC Bond services, click here.

Why do I need an NVOCC bond?

Under U.S. Federal Maritime Commission regulations, NVOCCs must provide proof of financial responsibility before they begin operating in the U.S. ocean trade lanes.  Licensed NVOCCs must maintain proof of financial responsibility in the amount of US$ 75,000. Registered NVOCCs must maintain proof of financial responsibility in the amount of US$ 150,000.  Most NVOCCs provide proof […]

I don’t issue Bills of Lading, but I sell ocean freight. Am I an NVOCC?

Yes. You are generally operating as an NVOCC in the U.S. ocean trade lane in the following scenarios regardless of whether you issued a House Bill of Lading.:  when you re-sell full-container load (FCL) or less-than container load (LCL) ocean freight at a markup or profit when you issue your own House Bill of Lading […]

How much does it cost to become an NVOCC and operate in the U.S. ocean trade lanes for a company based outside the US?

Organizations based outside the US that work with DPI typically spend $2382 – $3882 to satisfy FMC requirements to obtain an FMC NVOCC registration. See below for cost breakdown.:  FMC-Registered NVOCC: Estimate $2382 – $3882  Cost Breakdown: U.S. Federal Maritime Commission Fee: US$ 0 DPI Registration Handling: US$ 150 (one-time fee) Bond Agent Fee: US$ […]